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Customer Focus

Our customers are as diverse as our knowledge and stem from a wide range of industries that include
Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Water Engineering as well as individual consumer goods and Safety Equipment. We help them solve a long list of engineering problems  
from water services, power systems dynamics, industrial
needs, process control, safety etc. We assist our customers to operate profitably through our good product quality,
speedy and reliable service at the reasonable cost.
Customer feedback is all- important to us  so by listening to, and working closely with our customers we respond to their
needs in time.
Amalgamated Engineering Solutions (PTY) Ltd. is the company owned by Basotho, registered and based in
Lesotho and founded in 2008. It is an engineering company undertaking engineering consultancy and construction, maintenance, management, ,systems design, projects, engineering, technology, management and industrial supplies.

Our target industries are all mechanized industries supported by engineering, building Services, water
industry, production industry and power industry.
It is our professional observation that in many         
industries recently, the role of the engineering discipline is
 misunderstood, and hence is being treated as an unnecessary cost center, as a non-adding department, and as a dispensable skill, much to the detriment of companies that hold such views. The role of engineering
is often left to individuals who do not have the requisite competence and aptitude. This scenario inevitably
creates a real demand in the market, within the country and in the region, for professional engineering .

About Us

Our qualified technicians guarantee the   workmanship Amalgamated trusts for its valued customers

Amalgamated Workshop at BEDCO.


As share-subscribing owners and members of AES we have passion for engineering innovations, innovative solutions, practical perspective to live and application of appropriate technologies. Our commitment to you also includes on-site services, customer specific, on-site training based on your particular application, and access to our help line where all your queries are dealt with. We stock and supply our customers with essential material, equipment and spares necessary for your application. We offer you a reasonable service and maintenance contracts for various equipment.
One of our most valuable assets is the knowledge and expertise provided by our engineers and technicians. This allows us to offer a customer support philosophy that mirrors our total solution service strategy with development and support function to cover every link in the support chain.
We understand that ours is not just a solution provider but a service business. Our commitment does not end when you buy a service from us. We value your custom and feedback and feel responsible for keeping you up-to-date and up and running

1250 KVA Generator alternator repaired for

Letseng Diamond Mine